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  • Kyle Mayer

Closer to Brick and Mortar

Business Updates and Happenings

Over the last several months we have continued partnering with local brewery taprooms and the events of social organizations. Here are some of the activities we've been part of since July.

  • Valley Collector Car Show in Simsbury on July 21st

  • Parkville's Know Good Market in Hartford on September 12th

  • Hog River Brewing Company in Hartford on September 15th

  • Labyrinth Brewing Company in Manchester on September 22nd

Amidst all of the activity, behind the scenes we've been working toward leasing a space for a permanent, brick and mortar location. This has proved a challenge since the ideal space has some very specific, very uncommon requirements. We must have a location that is for rent or sale at the right price, zoned for both brewing and food service within a high-population area, a location with enough parking, and a location that is essentially a warehouse that is 3000-4500 square feet in size. However, the good news is that we have found that location and have submitted a letter of intent to the owner of the property. This is a very good development, but nothing is guaranteed. We are just at the start of the negotiating process and there may be another business that can offer the building owner something more competitive. Yet, this is forcing us to finalize our financial projections and funding plan. Stay tuned

October's Events -- News on the Personal Front There were no events that took place during the month of October, and one of the reasons is that my wife Sarah and I welcomed our twin boys to the world. They were born a bit early, and so have been in the hospital for a few weeks but are doing well. Their names are Sebastian and Ronan. We are very happy and excited and can't wait until they can come home with us. November and Beyond This month we will have what is likely our final pop-up event for the calendar year. We will be at Labyrinth Brewing Company on Sunday, November 17th, from 12pm-6pm. We'll be showing the final MotoGP race of the season, which is set to be a good one. Marc Marquez has already been crowned this year's champion, so all riders will be putting in their maximum effort in the race without much worry about their own standings in the series. Hope to see you there!